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Towards the LIGHT. A platform to energize, equip and EMPOWER light-bearers to build an interstellar New Earth

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Global Mass Meditations

Every Sunday we host Family of Light, global mass meditations through YouTube.

Ascension Teachings/Courses

Meditation, Breathwork, Activations and MORE! Teachings of the ancients for the todays age

SL: Our Adventures

Keep up to date with the Sunflower Life team and find out about our latest adventure!

Events & Group Workshops

Join some of best minds on the planet. See what exciting events are up and coming near you!

About Sunflower Life

The journey that brought two starseed twin flames together to unite and build a platform that bridges the gap between 'fighting' for freedom and truly 'knowing' how powerful we all are. We NEED You!

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Visit our quantum store and browse our growing range of high frequency designs!

Master Mindfulness

Global mass meditations, ascension teachings and courses and MORE! Join our family of light!


Step Into Your power


Drawing from our own experience, assisted by the Lion beings of Sirius, The Violet Flame of St Germaine & Archangel Michael and the divine will of our Elder Brother Jeshua.


Our study of the masters has brought us some powerful activations, exclusively in our own format. Using the filter of the mighty I AM, move yourself into the highest alignment.


Develop the quantum touch and master it to administer to others in need of aid. Using these tools of empowerment, you will have scant need for doctor or hospital ever again. 

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"Coming together at a time when Gaia needs us most. We love YOU"

Although we’re uber busy here at SL creating content and putting together courses based on the ancient teachings we’re practicing, we want to hear from you. Whether you’d like to be part of the Towards The Light podcast or simply to get in touch, we will endeavour to get back to everyone just as soon as possible. In the meantime, don’t forget to live a #sunflowerlife

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