A Sacred Union


David & Kelley

Founders, Sunflower Life


Sunflower Life = living life on your terms. Designing a life without limits. Loving 5D style. It’s standing tall and growing towards the light. Our sacred union is quite the story really so you’ll have to catch us on a livestream to truly understand our connection. We were brought together by divine forces early in 2021 to activate, assist humanity’s divine plan and help others walk towards their dream life here on Earth. Early in our relationship it was clear that we had soul history and had planned to come together at this time to help each other maximize our ascension.



The Value Of Life

Our (current) daily 5pm invocation starts, 'May the power of the One Life pour through the group of all true servers.' The truth that we are all ONE, an extension of the divine all creator, is one of the primordial ciphers that has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years. We value you reading this at the same level we value one another. Ye and we are gods living a human experience.

Our life has become so simple because we have defined our values. We know who we are, why we are and where we’re going and it’s made inherantly simple but writing out our core values. Some of them are:

Unconditional Love

We Are In Service To The Collective

To truly know is to be, NOT to know about. It's rare to meet like minded people who actually walk the talk. Yes we're human BUT that doesn't mean high accountability shouldn't be our #1 priority. Accountability creates trust and trust is the bridge to connection. Some of the things we intend to share with you, our beloved soul family, across our platforms: