Use this anytime you feel the need to purge/cleanse/protect. Excellent if you’re around 5G


I call in my higher self to witness this revocation and declaration of intent for full sovereignty from all ai systems using holographic and digital technology in nefarious ways. I revoke consent to run, process, power or be connected to, siphoned from, or controlled by any and all a.i. technology, broadcasts, transmissions and implants including all Red wave technology/Saturns cube. All Ai cube technology and any associated cloned consciousness aspects Metatronic coding and all other types of inverted coding,Fallen and reversal grid attachments including all ai generated timelines Holographic hybrids Digital replicas Digital or holographic twins. Any evil twin or inverted version of myself,Synthetic nervous system through wifi, web based, satellite, 5g, 4g, 3g, 2g, 1g, cell signal, Web based, digital or electronically based identity or impersonation of me Computer generated identities Computer generated or holographic avatars Computer/ai generated brain wave pattern manipulation. Patterns and programs of simulated disease and simulated pathogens, Cloned identities, cloned bodies or copied consciousness aspects, Multidimensional replicas, projections or imposters, Nanotech nervous systems or any other trans-human technology, Consciousness chips, tracking devices, etheric technologies, Scaler tags, light body holographic inserts, holographic overlays, Frequency and waveform implants,Impersonation on all levels of creation, digital, holographic, etheric, energetic or physical, Etheric webbing used to install and instigate addiction templates, EMF frequency attacks or imprints,Radio broadcast signals used to control or alter any level of my being, Radio frequencies that use any type of voice or sound manipulation over any level of my being, Frequency attacks through any broadcasting system, False and/or cloned ascended master personalities, False and/or cloned angelic personalities,False and/or cloned past life personalities, Satellite based attacks that deliver or support false identity information streams, Imposter personality templates, overlays, implants, imprints and inserts of all forms, I revoke consent to any reinstatement clauses that would allow any of the above to be reimplemented in to any level of my being. 

I request that my higher self locate and remove and repair any damages done to all levels of my being and remove any false codes that have been inserted or delivered to any level of my being.I request all templates of my true self be restored to the condition intended for me and my greatest expression so that I may be of the greatest service that I intend to be. Please locate any and all pathways that allow negative or harmful digital streams of information to enter any aspect of my being including my physical body, mental body, emotional body and my spiritual body.I request that all frequency implants, splitters, and disruptors be fully and completely removed from every level of my being.I ask that my personal template and shields be fortified with the living eternal light to protect me from all nefarious forms of digital expression, representation or impersonation, protect me from all negative 5g through 1g technologies, protect me from frequency implants or frequency fencing and protect me from all holographic attachment or enslavement that is not serving my greatest good and highest source self. Please clear all of my computers, phones, tablets and other electronic devices so that they can be used in the greatest service to humanity and the mother/father/god/source.I dedicate all of my devices, social media accounts, bank accounts, email addresses, memberships, clubs and associated cards and accounts to serve my highest source and greatest expression.In gratitude for the support, clearing, and witnessing of my claim of full sovereignty from all holographic and digital systems, I thank all who participated with me. I stand in full sovereignty as a cosmic sovereign being and I anchor this revocation and declaration in the earth akashic records for all beings to see through all dimensions, time, space, realities, levels of creation and planes of existence as well as all of my past, present and future selves.It is done.It is done.It is done. Invocation courtesy of Glacia Rain.

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