Compassion Invocation: Kuan Yin

Use to activate the 4th energy centre and sync with Gaia’s heart

(From the song, “Prayer for the Warriors” by Sophia, on the CD, Prayer: A Multi-Cultural Journey of Spirit)


Kuan Yin is known as the Great Celestial Bodhisattva* of Compassion. Many believe that her purpose is to help people, and that by attuning to her, she will grace you with her compassion. If you call upon her in prayer or meditation, chant her name, make offerings and open your heart to her, she will ease your pain, suffering and ignorance; protect you against illness, disease and disaster; and manifest wonderful and noble things in your life. Some pray to her for help in conceiving children, creating and sustaining harmony in their lives or helping others in need:

“With mercy and compassion,

Beloved Kuan Yin Melt away this anger, and let me love again,

Melt away this fear, and let us love again…

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasu Devaya”

* A bodhisattva is one who delays his or her full enlightenment in order to aid in the liberation of all sentient beings.

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