Use when seeking to move on from something or someone. Cancel at energetic levels


I am a being of sacred fire. I am the light of god. I will bring fourth only the highest truth and most valid information for the benefit of all. I am surrounded by/in the protective light of Archangel Michael. 


1) I release any and all expectations I have about my spiritual growth and advancement. I will live each day in the moment concentrating on bringing myself into harmony in body mind and emotions with my higher self

2) I release all agreements with my mother, my father, my children, my stepchildren, my husband, my wife, my brothers, my sisters, my friends, my ex husband, my ex wife, or anyone else who keeps me stuck in a third dimensional reality. I release ALL invalid concepts about my worthiness of love, joy, peace, harmony, security, abundance, creativity, youthful vitality, health and well being, aging and death. I release the need to save the world or anyone in it. I realize my mission is to accept my mastership, to be a living loving example for all without expectations from anyone

3) I release all preconditioning in all cell memories about my body form. I claim my God given birthright of beauty, vitality, health and well being, knowing that this is my natural state of being, that I only have to follow the nudging of spirit to manifest as perfection 

4) I release all expectations regarding my creativity and work. I work and create for the joy of it and the service it brings to others, and I know that my abundance and resources come from spirit and not necessarily my physical efforts

5) I release any and all hold of the third dimensional government and establishment have over me. They do not control me or my abundant security. I am totally empowered to manifest safety, to be entirely self sufficient and be totally in control of my destiny 

6) I release all residual karmic debt from the stored energy within me and my physical, mental, emotional and astral bodies now. I resolve all conditions with grace and ease and I will seek to expand my capacity as a bearer of creator light, in order to join in co creation of heaven on earth

7) I release any misconceptions regarding my ability to draw knowledge, wisdom and pertinent information of spirit from higher realms. I draw forth new knowledge concepts and wisdom in order to learn, grow and serve as a living example. I release all judgment, all preconceived ideas and expectations for other people, knowing that they are in their own perfect place in involvement. I give love and encouragement and only offer information when asked and then with the admonition that my truth may not be their truth. So Be It and So It Is.

Source: Sacred Scribe Ronna Vezane:

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