"Trust that whatever you are dealing with, whatever doorway to crisis, it is leading you to a greater lesson in living where ideally, the power of love is what you learn. Forgive, and broadcast your excitement to be alive."

- Barbara Marciniak


Global Mass Meditations

Every Sunday we broadcast LIVE from The Sunflower Life Official Youtube channel. With so much healing to be done, we believe in the power of coming together and setting a specific higher intention to accomplish for the greater good of humanity. In these sessions we will teach protection in holding the LIGHT, clearing, activating the 12 Chakra System and MUCH more!  Our goals for 2022 are

#500healingheart (500 live meditation attendees)

#1000healinghearts (1000 live meditation attendees)

Live Events/Workshops

Sunflower Life are proud to host a variety of live events, retreats and workshops annually. Some of the topics covered:

  • Ascension Mystery Schools
  • Self Mastery
  • The Law Of One Pronciples
  • Meditation
  • Building Online Revenue Streams
  • New Earth Communities & Towns
  • Routines & Rituals
  • Connecting With Your Guides

Online/Live Courses

We have learned a tremendous amount that we want to SHARE WITH YOU! Telepathy, Angelic Contact, Instant Manefestation, Working With Your Guides, Quantum Healing AND MORE! Through a series of live sessions and online courses, we’re constantly assembling easy to apply lessons from what has worked for us. We draw out teachings and practices from a number of sources, some of those include works by:

  • The Law Of One
  • Life and Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East
  • Barbara Marciniak
  • Douglas Baker…AND MORE!


We Value Your INPUT

Please take the time to send us a message, give feedback, make suggestions…

We grow together or not at all.