God Cells Activation

Use to heal and as a general activation for perfect health.

I am the force of the pranic light and I project it and put it forth as all powerful. I am of the noble God mind. God I am the knowing principle of all things. God I am supreme life immortal. God I am supreme intelligence immortal. I am supreme wisdom immortal. I am supreme abundance immortal.I am God as well as all others. Every child, every person is god.I am god power, I am all abundance. Through this word of power I am free from all limitation.I now have let go and now put out of my life all adverse thoughts. I am grateful that divinity is fully established throughout my entire being. I now know the bliss and satisfaction that spring from the union of the soul with the living Christ and that bliss and satisfaction do abide in me throughout all eternity. I know that the presence of the living Christ is fully established in me and I am the pristine purity of the Christ.

I Am of the noble God mind. God I Am the knowing principle of all thingsGod I Am success.God I Am abundantly able to succeed in every effort that I truly designate.God I Am the exact knowledge that goes with the ability to succeed.God I Am the infinite love that attracts all substance to me that brings forth my success.God I Am the intelligence that guides all of my success into right and profitable channels.God I Am the divine knowledge and the wisdom that gives the perfect to all of my success.God I Am the perfect Trinity, God the conquering Christ, God man, the one focal point of all creation.I now command that all the cells in my body let go of all false and negative qualities, thoughts, and statements and I am only aware of the true constructive God truth in my world

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