Activate The God Ray (pt2)

Direct at anyone or anything when you wish to be shielded from dark energy. 

Done correctly, the opposing force with be transformed or turned upon themselves. Pt1 HERE


\”As I stand alone in Your great silence, God my Father, in the midst of me there blazes a pure light and it fills every atom of my whole being with its great radiance. Life, Love, Strength, Purity, Beauty, Perfection, stand forth in all dominion within me. As I gaze into the very heart of this light, I see another light–liquid, soft, golden-white and radiantly luminous absorbing, mothering and giving forth the

caressing fire of the Greater Light. \”Now I know that I am God and one with God\’s whole universe. I whisper to God my Father and I am undisturbed.


\”Yet in this complete silence there exists God\’s Greatest Activity. Again, I am undisturbed and complete silence is all about me. Now the radiance of this

light spreads to God\’s vast universe and everywhere I know there is God\’s conscious life. Again, I say fearlessly, I am God; I am silent and unafraid.

\”I lift the Christ high within me and sing God\’s praise. In the tones of my music inspiration hums. Louder and louder within me the Great Mother sings

of new life. Louder and clearer with each new day, inspiration is lifting my conscious thought until it is attuned to God\’s rhythm. Again, I lift the Christ high and give close ear that I may hear the glad music. My keynote is harmony and the theme of my song is God and God seals my song as Truth.


\”I am free with the great light of Your Spirit, God my Father, Your seal is placed upon my forehead. I accept. \”I hold your light high, God my Father. Again, I accept.\”

The divine spirit of the conquering Christ transcends all discord. I herby declare that I AM that now. And so it is

As you finish saying out loud, direct a golden white light at the object you\’re attempting to purify.

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