The GOD Ray (Preparation)

The God Ray or Full God Beam, is used to repel anyone or anything seeking to issue you harm. See God Ray 2 HERE for the activation.


“Let your body become a generator through which this great creative radiating principle flows. See this principle as the emanation of all power; know that it is the principle of all power; then, like an electric generator, your body will collect and magnify this energy until you send it out as a stream of pure white light that nothing can resist and anything directed toward you cannot harm you. You can also send such intense impulses of electrical energy over these light beams that the body of the one attempting to harm you will be destroyed. 

Any resistance to this energy immediately magnifies its volume and therefore it’s velocity. The ones setting up resistance against it or attempting to set up their personal will only harm them selves. If they do not set up any resistance to this light, it will pour its healing balm through them as well as it does through you. It is the pure God beam and power, which blends with that of another at all times if there is no resistance to its free flow. It vibrates with the highest vibration.” – Jesus, The Christ 

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