Use to activate your personal power. Jesus of Nazareth declared himself the ‘Christ of God’ and then acted thus in thought, word and deed. 

I AM a Christed Being, I Am in Unity. I AM a Christed Being, Silver Light upon My Path. I AM a Christed Being, Source within each Lighted Cell. I move in Unity with SpiritI Love in Unity with All. I Am a CHRISTED BEING, Loving unconditionally. All vibration is increased in resonance with Spirit. Moving to the Light behind the LIGHT. Cellular consciousness is fully LIGHT. 

I AM transmutes this energy with CLARITY and INTENT. I AM holds the consciousness of being here and there simultaneously. WIDSOM and LOVE unfold. I AM in full awareness of the increase of vibration to fully emerge as an ETERNAL CHRISTED BEING. Eternally I remain free.

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