Given to us by our beloved teacher Serapis Bey, use this I AM statement as part of building your personal power merkaba. Use anytime you feel called.

I AM he whose presence frees all life.
I AM he whose heart melts the iceberg of coldness and indifference to others.
I AM the light that dispels and displaces darkness permanently.
I AM he whose presence changes all things for the good.
I AM he who is now liberating the most enslaved.
I AM he who strikes the shackles of ignorance from all evolving.
I AM he whose sight remains after he is gone, causing others to see as well.
I AM the magic that opens your sight immediately.
I AM the sound current that pierces the veils in your aura bringing you closer to perfection.
I AM the voice that blesses you eternally.
I AM the sound that causes all life to vibrate at a more beautiful rate.
I AM the light that reaches far and wide inspiring those who are most downtrodden.
I AM he whose touch opens the prison door of spiritual blindness allowing the captives within to go free.
I AM the mighty rushing wind that cannot be stopped that changes all things into love unconditional.
I AM he who having spoken has changed all of life for the good.
I AM he who comes dispensing keys of consciousness unto all.
I AM he whose very voice summons angels, devas, cherubim and seraphim to the place where I am.
I AM he who now restores cosmic memory to you all.
I AM he whose sound THO . . . now reaches deep into the very vastness of the throat chakra accelerating its wondrous unfoldment and blossoming.
I AM he who sees all past, present and future.
Such, my beloved, are the statements you may make and many more besides. This is what I mean by speaking the truth.
I AM he who now opens all doors of prosperity unto me and all those who move towards the light.
I AM he who vanquishes financial problems once and for all.
I AM he who insures and guarantees financial freedom for all who hear my voice. You who simply take what appears to be a problem, a challenge, and you decree these words.

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