Mighty I AM Presence Activation

 Knowing that this activity is self sustained it cannot fail in any way. It is a mighty way of setting into motion the I AM presence. Whatever the I AM commands the body, it must be obeyed.

Feel your amazing ability to use these laws and direct this mighty energy to your freedom and perfection. Try to realize your human form is not a dense creation difficult to manipulate. Try to feel it as a transparent substance that follows your direction. Speak to your body. Command it to be strong. Receptive only to the ascended masters Consciousness. To be a perfect expression of the divine power of the mighty I AM. And to take on its beauty and form and expression.

 – Saint Germain

I give all power to the I AM presence which I AM. I AM the Almighty governing presence of my life and My world. I AM the peace, harmony, courage and self sustained love which carries me through everything which may confront me. I AM the presence and intelligent activity Great. I AM presence take me within thyself there instruct me and cause me to retain the full memory of these instructions. 

God in me the I AM presence come forth and solve the situation harmoniously. I AM the ascension in the light. I AM always the majestic power of pure love that transcends every human concept and that opens the door to me to light within its heart. I AM the enlightening revealing presence manifest with full power

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