Operation #500

Raising the planetary vibration on masse






Love/Light Frequencies


Have every country in the Northern & Southern hemisphere’s worldwide, taking x5 minutes a day to focus on LOVE/LIGHT frequencies in three key areas  (see implementation below)

“One person vibrating at the level of 500, counterbalances 750,000 people below 200.”

David Hawkins


What you need to do to contribute to the #operation500 initiative

At 1.11am, 11.11am, 1.11pm and 11.11pm Take 5 Minutes to Give:

LOVE FOR SELF : I love every single part of me. I am so grateful for me. There are things to be done better by me than any other person. I matter. (speak in front of mirror ideally)

LOVE FOR HUMANITY: I unconditionally LOVE every man woman and child. I am grateful to be living as a human

LOVE FOR GAIA: I love this Earth with every fibre of my being. I am SO grateful for this Earth and all she does for us

Our goal is to create a rolling wave of the 500 frequency (love) across the planet. Really take the time to embody the vibrations at each level. Choose your intensity:

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