Spiritual Leadership

Creating an entirely new governance for humanity, decentralization through self sufficiency. The embodiment of The Infinite Way and all it represents for humanity’s ascension.


The only reason governments have been allowed to take such control through the centralization of power is because the populous has been distracted away from creating a relationship with the divine. A human being that is leading their life in thought, word and deed through the filter of their higher self/God and/or both (there is no separation) is well positioned to self govern through the integration of applicable quantum technologies and self alchemy.






Restoration Of Divine Connection: human beings who live with full access to the divine, become a self sufficient light embodied being, in service to the collective, the Earth and The Galaxy.

“One person vibrating at the level of 500, counterbalances 750,000 people below 200.”

David Hawkins


What You Need To Do To Contribute To The #Spiritual Leadership Initiative.

“There is a way whereby we are able to rid ourselves of sin, sickness, poverty, and the results of wars and economic changes. This way is the exchanging of our material sense of existence for the understanding and consciousness of life as spiritual.

Down the centuries, the sense of man and the universe as being material has resulted in the development of fear for the personal self and national existence. There is no hope in matter or material sense. The way of security, harmony, and health is through attaining some measure of spiritual consciousness.” 

Joel Goldsmith – The Infinite Way


BEFORE MEALS: My awareness of My Soul in All is now. Every movement of my mouth as I open it to admit food, air, and water and close it to absorb, I do so with clarity and awareness., I choose the highest vibration and as I do my perfect body responds, taking the time to liquefy each bite of food and mixing it with the elixir of spiritual knowing. And this dynamic vibration increases, keeping me tuned to the One. I AM that I AM that I AM. (the feeling of gratitude & love is key)

DAILY @ 11.11AM: I align with the vibration of pure love. I thank you God for life and light abundant, full and free; for perfect abundance, wealth and power, and unhampered liberty.

(Think and keep your thoughts on your full and complete body temple and know that this body form that you see is God.)

DAILY @ 5PM: May the power of the One life pour through the group of all true servers. May the love of the One soul characterize the lives of all those who seek to aid the great ones. May I fulfill my part in the One Work through Self Forgetfulness, Harmlessness, and Right Speech.

NIGHTLY @ 9PM: Mighty I AM Presence, which I AM, now take charge in Full Mastery of this body. See that I go and come from it consciously and at will. Never again, can it bind me or limit my freedom.

VIOLET FIRE/FLAME INVOCATION: I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires. I invoke the violet flame to transmute all of the negative thoughts from my emotional body and I am now free to carry out the divine design for my life (use when you feel that the emotional body is difficult to control).

Our primary purpose with the above is to set the stage and allow permeation of further divine energies into your physical vessel throughout your day. This will attune the physical body gradually and allow a deeper alignment of the energy centres of the body. Be diligent in your application of the above for 90 days and see what happens in your life.

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