The Sunflower Life Corporation Is the 5D Corporate Anchor To All Of Sunflower Life's Operational Output

Consciousness Is The New Currency

Quantum Philantropy

Don’t be too surprised if we do things without payment. You mean for FREE? The currency of the future is consciousness and we believe in doing the things we want to do, engaging in the projects we want to undertake and partnering with the clients we wish to form alliances with, on the basis of, we’d do this for free because we love it so much. Our ONLY condition that we take such an approach on is…we ask you to pay it forward ;O)


Towards the LIGHT. Our primary goal in everything we do is to add value to the end customer/client/collaborator. If it doesn’t add value, we don’t really enjoy the process. The SFLC is the financial tributary for all things Sunflower Life and whilst money is still required as an exchange system on Gaia, SFLC will continue to do what it can as the supporting beam to all our activities.


We’re all about Mother Earth and assisting in her shift into higher densities. Most all we do (we’re not perfect!) is centered around contributing to this end goal. Ultimately, we believe that raising OUR vibration as Gaia’s Central Nervous System (humans)  is the greatest thing we can do to support this end goal. This is our brand. This is our mission. Oh, having a little fun along the way doesn’t hurt either, after all, it’s all just a giant play we’re performing in. Encore.